Moving Forward

Moving Forward We are dedicated to providing auto shop managers or owners the flexibility to access their information from their home or office. We also want to allow them to make use of other types of computer devices such as laptops, tablets and also their mobile phone to manage their business from wherever they are.

Mechanicsta is automotive repair software for modern auto repair workshop that helps managers and owners in organizing their technician’s time, customer invoices, and information to help make the shop more effective, efficient, profitable and productive.

At Mechanicsta, we look forward to partner with any auto repair shops. We want to provide them with comprehensive and reliable front-to-back repair software for managing their daily operations. One of our main objectives at Mechanicsta is to offer independent repair shops with state-of-the-art technology and ensure necessary information is available.

As most shop owners are aware, the trend in auto shop repairs is often a few years behind the curve of other industries. Mechanicsta strives to bring the most relevant, current technology and getting it in the hands of those that utilize it on a daily basis. Since we created Mechanicsta as a web-based application, we do not restrict shop owners and managers to one type of computer that is located in one place.


Effectively manage all aspects of your workshop with ease

  • Job Management
  • Customer Management
  • Integrations
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Commitment
  • Auto Inspection
  • Social Media Management
  • SMS Integration
  • Pre Purchased Report
  • Website Management

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