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Scraping off your worries and hectic tasks, Mechanicsta is dedicated to providing you the flexibility, super easy remote access to your workshop. We believe in strengthening the relationship with our clients to make a long lasting impact. Being an Automotive Repair Software Company, we bring your workshop in your desktops, tablets and mobile phones making you feel powered.

About Mechanicsta

Mechanicsta is automotive repair software popularly used by workshop owners and managers. Workshop Automation is the core of Mechanicsta and its software. At Mechanicsta, we equip your workshop manager with splendid services to efficiently manage and improve the productivity of the workshop.

We aim to help managers organize their time for effective execution. We save the time of your technician in customer invoices, cash-flow and information flow. So, do you see your profit here? Yes, You do. Our clients have experienced this every day with Mechanicsta.

Excellent team of Mechanicsta has created reliable and comprehensive software for your workshop. High-quality backend development and interactive front end makes this software best in the industry. Management of daily tasks is effortless in this technically advanced world. Key to lead this market is collaboration with leaders.

Yes, You and We can beat the pace with ease. Mechanicsta aims to offer independent repair shops with powerful software to ensure the availability of necessary information and exceptional toolkit for every manager.

Automotive repair software

Mechanicsta thrives to bring the best for you. Let’s gear up
for a thrilling journey to an enthralling destination.

Unmatchable Features of Mechanicsta to

Strengthen Your Workshop

Job Management
Customer Management
Easy Invoicing
Auto Inspection
Social Media Management
SMS Integration
Pre Purchased Report
Website Management