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Mechanicsta gives you the hassle free control of your business on your Finger Tips

Booking Dairy

Real time booking, rescheduling or deleting bookings just with a click. Covert your bookings into real time jobs.

Reminder is sent to customers, 24 hours prior to the appointment via email or SMS.
Create and delete bookings.
Calendar is automatically updated every day with current day bookings.
Diary can be views in different views such as day view, week view, month view.

Customer Management

Through Customer Management, all the details of your customers can be managed on your fingertips with Mechanicsta autosuggest and auto complete features.

Unlimited customer entries.
All the information of your customer is stored on the cloud, thus you can access it anywhere and anytime.
Customer can get the account information anytime.
Relevant documents like images related to any jobs can be uploaded anytime.
Communication with customers becomes seamless with the help of SMS or email.


Mechanicsta provides seamless integration with high tech technologies, apps and services such as Burson, Myob, Xero, Quick books, Website management and many more.

Integration with all major accounting softwares to provide errorless accounting.
Hassle free management of websites with Mechanicsta.

Easy Invoice

Paperwork is always a hectic task to work upon; Mechanicsta helps you to get rid of this irritating work. It allows you to easily print or send invoices to your customers. Easy invoicing for customers, vehicle information and assigned mechanics.

5X more templates to choose from for various invoices. One can also get a customized invoice template by requesting it to Mechanicsta supporting team, just a mail away at
Send Invoices directly to customers via mail.
It converts quotes directly into jobs.

SMS Integration

Everyone loves updates. Therefore we use SMS integration to keep our customers up to date about the latest activities such booking, start jobs, and completion of your jobs.

Regularly updating our customers about the progress of their car repair.
Updating them about the upcoming servicing dates.
Wishing them on festivals.

Manage My Website

Managing your website is like having a virtual workshop on your laptop. It helps you to manage all resources and information of your workshop such as purchase, invoices, sales etc.

Full control to admin panel. Update images, content, client feedback etc. seamlessly.
Managing your website was never so easy. Just login to the software and become an expert in managing your website.


We provide the same high standard of support to you, regardless of your subscription plan.
We believe that software is only as good as the support that follows it. Our support team is always here whenever you need us. You call us during work hours on 1300 344 486 or email us at

Job Management

It enables you to quickly manage jobs in your workshop right from booking to completion of job. It helps you to keep track of all the jobs in your workshop in an easy and effective manner.

Fast and smooth allocation of jobs through powerful search engine.
The status of each and every job such as pending, on-going, completed etc. can be easily tracked.
Vehicle and Customer data is visible in each job.
Job allows you to link with many important utilities such as Service Scheduling, Productivity tracking etc.
Notifying customers every time his/her job is completed via SMS or Mail.
Template for repetitive and time consuming jobs such as invoices, job cards to drastically save your time by bringing automation in the process.

Pre Purchased Report

It helps the customer to know the exact condition of the vehicle before purchasing it, helping him to make the right decision. Pre purchase report is the detailed report of the visual and operational condition of the vehicles making it easy for the customer to choose the right vehicles for themselves.

Drag and drop images when carrying out inspection.
Point out defects using pi point during inspection.
Detailed report is sent to the customer about the condition of the vehicle.
Customer is notified by an email once inspection is done.
Click here to see Pre purchase report sample.

Auto Inspect

It is the most important feature for any workshop. Provides professional services to your customer, engagement with them in every process and also it provide you the complete control over job management and workflow.

It sends the inspection report to customers to have approval in minutes.
The inspection can be signed by customer on approval within minutes with our digital signature to avoid conflicts.
Templates can be customized for different customers and vehicles.
Save customized templates to save time.

Email Marketing

Using E mail marketing, you can promote your products or deals along with providing valuable content to your customers. It helps in building a good relationship with your customers. Thus the purpose of email marketing software is beyond selling products.

Update your customers on latest deals and special order by running various email campaigns.
You can upgrade to any email template available in your package through admin panel.
Custom E-mail templates can be created which can be used anytime.
Static’s on your email campaigns.
Need help creating a customise email template to send to customers email us and we can help for small fee.

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