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How to add Payment

How to add Payment

How to add Payment
1. Click on “Payment Received” from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen in Sales section.
2. Here you can Add Payment against any customer.
3. Click on “Add Payment Received” and fill all the required information.

Payment Received Tab

Add Payment Received Button

4. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the far right bar and then Click on “Customer Payment” from the dropdown and enter the customer payment details

Customer Payment

Select Customer against you are adding any payment, fill the required fields, amount, Bank Charges, Other Charges, Payment Date, Payment Mode, Deposit To, Reference #, Note, you can also attach receipt in this.
In Unpaid Section on Edit Payment Received Page you will find all finalized unpaid invoice, you can pay them here.

Add Payment Record

Here you can directly pay Unpaid Invoices against this Customer.

Unpaid Invoice

At Payment Received List, you can also Refund any amount to the customer if you want.

Payment Received Entry

When you are going to Refund any amount to the Customer here, you can see the Customer’s remaining Balance. Add your Refund amount and Process.

Refund Amount