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How to add a Purchase Order

How to create a new Purchase Order ?

How to create a new Purchase Order ?
1. Click on the ‘Purchase Order”’ from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen along the dashboard.
2. Here you can see a list of all Purchase Orders.
3. You can edit or delete any Purchase Order, you check status Open/Close, and can view Invoice of Purchase Order.
4. Click on “Add New Purchase Order” button to create new Purchase Order.

Purchase Order Tab

Click on the Add New Purchase Order button at the top right side on the Purchase Order List page.

Add New Purchase Order

Fill all the required information, Select Category, Select Item, Quantity of Item, GST YES/NO, Select Supplier, Buy Price and Sell Price, Description, in bottom of the form you as can see the status, and amount due, you can pay the purchase order here and click on Save.

Purchase order