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How to add New Employee

How to add new Employee

How to add new Employee
1. Click on “Employee” from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen along with the dasboard
2. Here you can see a list of all Employees with role.
3. You can edit or delete any Employee, you check status role.
4. Click on “Add New Employee” button to Add new Employee.

Employee Section

Click on the Add New Employee button at the top right side on the Employee List page.

Add Employee Button

Fill all the required information, enter name, email, password (if you need to assign him login access), mobile number, role, Joining Date, Driver License number, Driver License Expiry Date, upload Documents if any and Save.

If you don’t want to assign access to any user the you can leave the Password field empty. You can change any user role any time and also can edit his/her details and also have the option to delete any user at any time.

Employee Form

The email address does not have to be a valid email address. If in the instance you only have one email address, but would like two users, you can use a "dummy" email address. For example, you can use email addresses like this:,, even though they are not "real" email addresses. You will, however, lose the ability to reset the password as this sends an email message to the given email ID. Note that it is preferred that you use a valid email address, a dummy email address should only be used in exceptional circumstances and not for general use.