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How to Add Parts to a Booking

How to Add Parts to a Booking

How to Add Parts to a Booking
1. Click on “Booking Dairy” from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen.
2. Click on the Create New Booking for New Booking.

Add Parts Booking Calendar

Click on the ‘+’ icon at the far right bar and then Click on “Customer Invoice” from the dropdown and enter the Job Details.

Customer Booking Dairy

Add New Parts Booking

Select Item from already added List to add into a Booking.
Select Category, Item, Qunantity and then add.

Booking Dairy- Add New

Fill all the required information to Add New Item and then Save.

Add New Item Form

Category - Select Category of Item.
+New - If does not exist, Create New.
Item Name - Enter your Item/Product Name.
Opening Quantity- Add Item/Product opening Quantity.
Supplier - Enter the supplier of the product. This will link the product to the supplier in your list of suppliers.
Buy Price - The price you paid for the Item/Product.
Sale Price - The price you will charge customers for this product.