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How to Edit a Job

How to Edit Job

How to Edit Job
1. Click on “Job” from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen along side Dashboard.
Click on the Edit Button in Job List you need to Edit.

Edit Job List

job Board

You can also Print, View Invoice, and Send Email direct to customer.
Go to the Edit Job Page update information you need to update and then click on the Update Button.
Here you can add or delete any item added in Job.
Add or delete any Mechanic added in Job.
Change Date, Description Job Card Note.

Edit job Panel

You can also Delete any Job if it is not Paid.
You can also pay from here, here are options Pay VIA Account means it will detect amount from customer account as you can see company balance. PAY VIA CASH means pay invoice through cash if it will not effect on company balance. Print Job Sheet any time.