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How to Request SMS Shortcode

How to Request SMS Shortcode

How to Request SMS Shortcode
1. Click on “SMS Shortcode” from the list of options on the left hand side of the screen in SMS Marketing section.

SMS Short Code

Here you can see you previous Approved Shortcodes.
You can Request a new Shortcode from here (e.g. MECHANICSTA)

Request New Short Code

You can Request a Shortcode for you SMS branding. (e.g. MECHANICSTA).

Fill all the required Information, enter Shortcode, your Full Name, ABN/ID Card No., Company Name, Designation, Email, Address, Mobile Number, Description and Save.

When you are done with the request letter, please send us an email including Request Letter (must be printed on your letterhead, signed and stamped) along with the ABN or ID Card copy (whatever you selected). After all verification your Shortcode will be approved.

Request a New Short Code