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How to set up your Business Settings?

How to set up your Business Settings?

How to set up your Business Settings?
Click on your company logo at the top right of the page (just like the mechanicsta you can see in the screenshot below) and then select Business Setting from the dropdown box.

Business Setting

Company Logo

Mechanic Settings

Use drag and drop to upload your Company Logo from your device.

Business Address Auto Fill
This is integrated with the Google maps. So, you just need to type your address and it will fetch your exact address with street, suburb, city, state and country.

Business Address Setting

Fill all the required information.
➔ Company Name (e.g. Mechanicsta)
➔ Company Logo – to be used as the Logo for your company profile.
➔ Company letterhead – the image that will be used as the letterhead for all invoices & reports
➔ Business Address (Just type you address and this is be auto filled)
➔ Suburb
➔ Country
➔ State
➔ City
➔ Contact Phone
➔ Mobile
➔ Fax
➔ Company Email
➔ Admin Email
➔ Reply-To-Email
➔ Website (e.g.
➔ Manage My Website Link (use https://) (e.g.
➔ Show My Profile on (to list your profile on Find A Mechanic)
➔ GST Number
➔ BSB (will be listed on Invoices)
➔ Bank Account (will be listed on Invoices)
➔ Facebook Link (e.g. )
➔ Twitter Link (e.g. )
➔ Linkedin Link (e.g. )
➔ Choose Shortcode for By_default (e.g. MECHANICSTA)
➔ Your Default Shortcode (e.g. MECHANICSTA)

Company Settings Form

Fill all the required informations and then Save.