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Professional and Reliable Support Team

While many people are outsourcing customer job to other companies, Mechanicsta will always provide exceptional service without outsourcing your work. Our technicians will do the work for you and show you right on your screen. Our technical support team can connect to your computer quickly demonstrate a feature, install an upgrade and much more. Our tech support saves thousands of dollars and it means support is there when you need it.

Why Is Support So Important?

This is the question we receive most times. The answer is simple. Just think of all the other things that can go wrong apart from the Work Order Software. Hardware in your auto vehicles, operating system software, power failures, other software. Any of these things can cause problems and possibly corrupt your data in your work order software.

Mechanicsta Support
Phone and Email Support

Phone and Email Support

We recommend you call us on the phone. The work order software is just as important as your phone, it’s difficult to run your business without it. If you can’t call us on the phone, then send us a mail, one of our customer care representatives will get answer your question.

We Can Use Remote Control to Access Your Computer

We make use of software that only gives us access to your computer when you provide us your code, and the software is running on your computer. That means it's safe and secure for you. You can see everything we are doing, and high-speed internet is required. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to offer support services for your work order software.

Mechanicsta Remote Support
Help is available by calling 1300 344 486 or contact Mechanicsta Technical support team.

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